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Boarding School: Let Us Train Your Dog For You

Boarding School:  Let Us Train Your Dog For You

Most of the time learning to train our dog is a fun, rewarding process.  Then othertimes, it is too overwhelming, with minimal progress made.  We would never put a green rider on a green horse, and sometimes we shouldn't put a green owner with a green dog...

If you find yourself in this situation, Boarding School might be the perfect option for you. Drop your dog off to us, and he will live here, on three fully fenced acres, and get trained, socialized, and exercised by us.  When you pick him up, you will need to be schooled in how to manage and continue on with your training, but the hardest part will have been completed by us.  

We have access to unique training opportunities, including dogs for socialization, which means we can get you results quicker, and better, in a more customized way, that is stress free for you!  In addition, for graduates of the 18day program, I will provide free ongoing help on Thursday mornings for as long as you need provided your attendance is regular (ask for more details).

Length of Programs:

~~5 Day Puppy Intensive, suitable only for young puppies (under 15 weeks) who are struggling.  cost $990, which includes a follow up lesson.

~~ 18 Days.  Obedience and help with behaviour problems.   We do the hard work, and then you get to continue on with the process.  This program is also great for families with busy schedules who need excellent obedience and control on their dog.   On this package I offer you a promise.  If you stand by your dog, I will stand by you.

cost $2645, which includes weekly lessons during board and train

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Dog Day School

Have you been to many trainers but your dog isn't where he needs to be?  Or is the Thought Too Overwhelming or Your Needs Too Unique?    If yes, Day School might be your perfect alternative.

My Specialty: Retraining of dog-aggressive dogs (we can get them back into the Real World and enjoying it), puppy socialization, retraining behavioural or temperament issues, and working with dogs who have been "declared dangerous".  However, I'm open to any challenge.  You will see a giant improvement in your dog...

Dog Day School: A new concept, taking Dog Day Care to a whole new level. Send me your dog daily Monday to Thursday, for one month, or more if you choose. The training program is individualized for every dog and temperament, giving you what you need. Behaviour problems are not only accepted, but welcomed. 

Private lessons will be arranged within Day School hours, and the fee is included, to keep you up to date on how to handle your newly trained dog. 

There are many Pros to this program, however, there also are some cons. 

1) You still must learn how to handle your dog  

2) One month will not be enough if you are struggling with reactivity or other more ingrained challenges.  

Your dog will be retrained, but then you need to follow up and learn how to handle him.  I will start the process for you, then teach you how to continue.  You will still have to put work into your dog.... however, I will be there to guide you and coach  you through the process.  Our final flaw of this program is 3)  If you do not continue, your dog will revert back.  

Cost: $2645 for eighteen training days. There is a 10% discount if you bring 2 dogs.   We will let you know right away if extra time will be needed for your dog.  

Dog drop off will take place at 1633 Kangaroo Road, Metchosin. We can make arrangements for drop off if you have odd hours.

Day School has limited availability, due to the time invested in each dog. 


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Growl Class - for fearful, aggressive, reactive dogs needing obedience in Victoria BC
Growl - teaching dog's social-skills

Whether your dog is reactive, fearful, aggressive, or super-duper friendly towards other dogs, this class will give them the help that they need.  This class is incredibly boring and calm for the first three weeks, but given the dogs who are in it - I consider that a success.  It starts as the calmest more 'zen' class that I teach, then quickly picks up the pace!  

If you are willing to do the work in this class, you will be amazed by your results.  But you must be willing to look inwards and change your own handling, and responses.  If you are uncomfortable with this idea, and with the thought of having to put boundaries on your dog, then I am not the trainer for you.  

You will leave this class more confident,  educated in reading your dog, and knowing how to help him to become a good citizen.  And knowing how to handle him when he is not. 

After week six, we take all of our classroom lessons out into the real world. We then get to practise walking as a pack, and walking past strange dogs, and using the classroom skills in real life situations.  This is where you will be required to dig deep, because if you have the same response, so will your dog.  

Equipment needed: A halti-type headcollar is needed on all dogs to start.  Backpacks, and flexi leashes may be a requirement dependent upon your dog.  We do have both back-packs and flexi leashes to lend to you, or that you can purchase. Food will be used for the first six weeks, and then removed by about week eight.

It is expected that your dog has decent obedience coming into this class, when no other dogs are present.  This class is not suitable for dogs who have issues with people.  Unless an exemption has been made before class begins these dogs will be removed from Growl class with no refund.

Class will run once per week for 45 minutes.

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Pet Manners

This class is a eight week course teaching your dog all that he needs to know to be the envy of your friends. Walking on a loose leash, coming back when called, Down without hand signals no matter what , and Respect 101 are all included in this dense course, in addition to basic husbandry, such as dremeling toe-nails.  You will learn all that you need to know to have a wonderful dog that is the envy of your friends

When possible, this class will go on the road, to local dog parks, to practise what you know outside of the classroom situation.

This class runs once a week for 45 minutes

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 7:00pm to 7:45pm
Heated training building and local dog park
Tue, 01/07/2020 - 7:00pm to 7:45pm
Heated training building and local dog park
Puppy Class Junior

(for puppies under sixteen weeks old)

This is the most important class that we teach. If you start off right, you can avoid all problems. Puppy class is necessary to get your dog off on the right foot. When you first get a puppy, they all start off perfect. This class is aimed to keep them that way. Puppies should be young to benefit from puppy class. Under thirteen weeks of age is ideal, as puppies learn a maximum amount about socialization up until sixteen weeks. 

Puppy Class runs for 50 minutes once per week.

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 6:00pm to 6:45pm
Heated training building
Special Notes:

Please note that classes in October run from 7 to 7:45pm AND classes in November and December run from 6 to 6:45pm

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Private Lessons with Monique Anstee

Sold in sets of four, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a short time. Privates are sugggested for people with complex schedules or those struggling with unique canine behaviours.

For dogs with people aggression/fear we have a specific training plan for this difficult issue.  

We teach Group Classes during the night-time so no privates take place after 6 PM.  Most take place on Monday and Tuesday during the morning.

If you only want one private, it is a Behaviour Assessment.  No teaching can take place in one private - but an assessment of your dog can be given with advise and a direction for you to follow.  A Behaviour Assessment costs $200 and is only useful if you are debating continuing living with your dog.

Four days notice is required to cancel a scheduled private lesson or you will be billed in full.

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Advanced Growl

This class is for Growl graduates or Private lesson graduates.  Monique’s goal is to push them to the next level whatever the next level may be for each dog.  All classes will be held at a local park.   As with other group classes, pre-registration and a deposit are required to register.  Please call the office if you wish more information.

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Beginners Competition Obedience
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Growl - teaching dogs social skills
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Off Leash Social

For dogs that need to be more comfortable around other dogs. Dogs must have reliable recall as class is off leash after settling in phase. Most classes will be held outside whatever the weather.

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