At the Naughty Dogge, we can help you and your family train your perfect, or naughty dog.

Naughty Dogge Dog Training Victoria BC Puppy Training

If you have a perfect puppy, our Puppy Class can help keep him that way.

Naughty Dogge Dog Training Victoria BC Naughty Puppy Training

Our Puppy Class benefits naughty puppies, too!

Naughty Dogge Dog Training Victoria BC

We are used to the needs of the popular breeds, unique breeds and all the crosses in between

Naughty Dogge Dog Obedience Victoria BC

We compete against the best in the world.

In two different sports...

The Naughty Dogge is located in the West Shore, servicing Sooke, Metchosin, Colwood, Langford, and View Royal.  

Our motto is to train dogs kindly, but more importantly, effectively.  Each client and dog is treated as an individual. All of our programs for obedience training and behaviour modification contain an element of one-on one training so we can create a program that is suitable for your personal needs, and your dog’s personality.

Please take a moment to review our training programs. Familiarizing yourself with our programs will helps to serve you more efficiently when we connect:

If you are not familiar with our training methods, we suggest reading Monique's book As a Dog Thinketh, available on Amazon.  Here you can fully understand her training methods.  

We do not take registrations via e-mail. We need to talk to you, to make sure that we will be meeting all of your needs in the class that you have chosen.

Please phone us at 250.590.2664 during office hours.

Monique Anstee
Owner, since 1996