Obedience Training for you and your Dog, in Victoria, BC

Monique Anstee is a competitor, training and competing with whatever dogs she gets, at the International Level.  Many of my competition dogs have had  dog-aggression, handler aggression, people aggression or quirky temperaments, yet I still manage to get the ribbons at the end of the day!

You wouldn´t take your child to a dance teacher that cannot dance themselves.  And neither should you be taking your dog to a trainer who does not have the ribbons to prove that they know what they are doing!

Options Available:

Boot Camp:  Your dog moves in with us and we train your dog in five days (for young puppies who are struggling) or eighteen days.  We do the hard work, and then you get to continue on with the process...

DaySchool Dogs:  Your dog comes to us every Tuesday, they get trained in basic Pet Manners, socialized and exercised.   Due to its success, this program is in high demand. Call the office or email if you wish to get more information.

Group Classes:  We offer a variety of Group Classes where our trainers teach you the skills so that you can continue on with the work.  Classes are all listed on the page attached to this. 

Thank you for considering us.

Monique Anstee

The Naughty Dogge