Growl for Fearful Reactive Dogs. $360 per month. 3 month committment

Growl Class - for fearful, aggressive, reactive dogs needing obedience in Victoria BC

This class is designed for fearful and reactive dogs. At this time we are not taking aggressive dogs..   This class is broken into 4 week chunks where we change your dog's emotions around other dogs, by giving them fun scenarios, and freedom to explore. At the end of the first four weeks, where possible, we aim to get all the dogs safely off leash, on our fenced three acres. The next four weeks will be mostly off-leash, with the dogs each teaching each other how to behave, as they build their confidence back in dealing with other dogs, while running and playing. Your dog will learn how to read other dogs, and how to engage in an appropriate manner. The last four weeks we are in public, practising real world situations. We get to enjoy forests, beaches, markets, and our parks with the confidence of knowing how to manage your dog.

If you are willing to do the work in this class, you will be amazed by your results.  But you must be willing to look inwards and change your own handling, and responses.    

You will leave this class more confident,  educated in reading your dog, and knowing how to help him to become a good citizen.  And knowing how to handle him when he is not.Your dog will leave this class braver, and happier. Included in the class fee is being added to our Facebook group, for support and information, and a place to celebrate your triumph with people that will understand.  


Equipment needed: A buckle collar is needed on all dogs to start. A halti style headcollar may be needed and will be discussed at week one.  Food will be used for the first three weeks, and then removed by about week eight.

It is expected that your dog has decent obedience coming into this class, when no other dogs are present.  This class is not suitable for dogs who have issues with people.  Unless an exemption has been made before class begins these dogs will be removed from Growl class with no refund.

Class will run once per week for 45 minutes but may run a few minutes overtime.

Upcoming Classes

Mon, 09/09/2024 - 6:00pm to 6:45pm
Heated training building and local park