Testimonials from Happy Naughty Dog Apprentices

I have been apprenticing under Monique Anstee from the Naughty Dogge for the past six months to help me for starting up my own dog-walking business. I have found Monique to be a great, kind and fair teacher and an excellent mentor. She is very knowledgeable and honest. Watching her work with dogs with many different temperaments is truly inspiring.

I have learnt more then I could have ever imagined when I first started and has given me a new respect for dogs and the profession. 

Thank you,
Andrew Eaton

Andrew Eaton

My experience with The Naughty Dogge's Apprenticeship program was amazing and I would fully recommend it (and have many times) to others interested in pursuing any career working with dogs.

Monique not only opened my eyes to the intricacies of dog behaviour and retraining different behavioural issues, but she also gave me hundreds of hours of solid training and teaching time with lots of constructive feedback and advice.  I not only learned about dog behaviour, training and husbandry, but about teaching people, both in group and private lessons, and about successfully running a business.  Through my experiences with Monique I have also become hooked on dog sports and was successful in rehabilitating my own reactive dog into a happy, fun obedience partner and demo dog for my classes.

I had researched different dog schools for almost a year prior to deciding on Naughty Dogge.  This is by far the most bang for your buck, since I got so much one on one time with Monique, working with hundreds of clients and their dogs; learning about many different behavioural issues.  Teaching classes and private lessons myself gave me important experience and skills, especially with a mentor there to coach and guide me through the process and provide good feedback.  Monique is an excellent teacher, and really strived to ensure I understood not only how to apply different training methods, but the reason and research behind them.

I am so grateful to Monique and The Naughty Dogge for truly going above and beyond what I expected of the program, and providing me with the a true education that is miles ahead of all the other dog training schools I had compared with hers, both in price and experience.



After many years of attempting to figure out a way to apprentice with Monique Anstee from The Naughty Dogge everything aligned and I had the opportunity to spend six months under her wing.


As the time of my apprenticeship came closer I started to question my decision based on the feedback from people who described Monique as harsh, and warned me that she may not fit my style. I am so glad I listened to my gut and not the talk around town. What an amazing woman who advocates and respects dogs in a way I have never seen before.  

She is a clear and straight forward teacher that will push you outside of your comfort zone and then gently guide you forward with the skills and knowledge that you need to be a confident, and caring dog handler and teacher. Monique's ability to read dogs never ceases to amaze me. Dogs are her life and because of that she brings forth a level of knowledge, experience and expertise that has helped so many people when others could not. She is often the last trainer when other trainers could not help.  And she always does.

Monique's encouragement and guidance with building my business has been so valuable. Monique taught me so much more than I would have expected about dogs, myself and training.

The most valuable thing I took away from my time with Monique was how to build a better relationship with my own dogs. We already had solid relationships but she took us to a whole new level that I hadn't realized even existed. Every time I see Monique in action I learn something new. I look forward to being able to continue classes with such an inspiring coach.

Melanie Mosher

Monique guided me in designing a successful business in which I work hands-on with dogs, everyday. Not only do I now work my absolute dream job, I am my own boss and own my own company. I continue to go to her for advice and would not be where I am if it were not for my apprenticeship. I would highly recommend apprenticing under Monique not just to those wanting to become dog-trainers but to anyone who would benefit from a greater understanding of canine behaviour.

John Welch

John Welch