Testimonials from Happy Naughty Dog Clients

 I am attracted to how she balances firmness and black and white communication with her commitment to non-violence in training methods. She has much to offer all of us on many levels. It was great.

Rosanne Konrad, Whitehorse

 I will never forget what you told me before you left; that in another persons hands you would recomend the dog be put down, but you said I could be successful with her. You gave me a lot of confidence not to mention determination. Thank you for what I learned in the seminar- it really helped me to bring Maggie to a very happy place in her life. Plus I have learned so much from her that I will never be able to pay her back, but tracking will help.

Sandra and Maggie

The five day dog camp for aggression gave me the tools to deal with my aggressive dog more effectively. As the owner of two aggressive dogs, I have investigated other methods of dealing with the issue and this has been the single most effective approach that I have tried. I encourage anyone with aggression evident in their dog to participate in Monique´s camp. It was worth every penny and it was fun too! Thank you Monique!


My time at Dog Camp was well worth every cent. Monique showed me how to get the confidence from my self to pass on to my Dane. Nahli learned to become more comfortable and confident with herself. I truly enjoyed it!

Lenore Baskin

My dog went from lungeing at people and other dogs to walking in a pack and being around people in public places, IN FIVE DAYS.  I would highly recommend Boot Camp to anyone who needs to get their dog going in the right direction. Monique understands the issues of these dogs and addresses it and helps you the owner achieve your goal of having a happy social animal that you can take anywhere. Thanks!

Susan M

Before attending Monique´s five day dog camp, walking my Pit Bull was a stressful experience. By the end of the camp, my dog and I enjoyed the freedom of relaxing walks in Parks and on dog trails. Monique is motivating and works with the chemistry of dogs and handlers within the group. Both you and your dog will make lifelong friends from a Naughty Dogge seminar!

Mary Lou

Our time with Monique during the dog seminar was extremely productive and an amazing experience. We made such huge progress both as a handler and loyal pet thanks to Monique´s enthusiasm, creativity, intuition and caring motivation. The five days allowed Rocky and I to grow to having an amazing relationship based on trust and love. We where taught how to let go of past failings and focus on future success. With Monique´s guidance and encouragement we have accomplished things that I had only dreamed of.

Jenn Sawyer, Victoria

The seminar was absolutely mind blowing for me. It was exactly the information that I´ve been looking for, and EXACTLY what I needed to empower. Not only did you provide tons of really valuable information on dog body language and behaviour, but you cover the human aspects and our abilities to be good leaders. 

I have to say that I was blown away with your amazing ability to interpret each dog´s body language and behaviours. 


Michelle and Gypsy

Monique, thank you so much for the weekend. Our heads are spinning with all the stuff we learned. I got two calls from participants from the public seminar – one ran home and tried walking her 100+pound dog with the leash around his tummy and was amazed how it worked – the other was receiving ‘love-bites’ from her dog (his way of getting attention) while she was on the computer …. She backed him out of the room twice and he decided it would be better to just lay down beside her. They were most impressed and think you are wonderful and wanted to phone to pass that on!

Diane, Whitehorse

Monique´s Dog Camp was a very worthwhile experience. I learned a lot about "dog language". I also learned to look at myself and the messages I was giving my dog, deliberately and unintentionally.

Monique will tell you what she is seeing, which isn´t necessarily what you want to hear, but is probably information you need to hear.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about aggressive behaviour and how to deal with it.

Lorna and SATChC Rayla, RV(MCL)

I have to say Monique is Amazing.. before the first day i could not take him for a neighbourhood walk without him lunging at people, and other dogs, four days later - I can.

Boomer now thinks before he acts, he has much more respect for me as well. I went from having a disaster dog, to a delightful dachshund.  I highly recommend her, she will help in ways you never imagined... an amazing expereince all the way around!

A. Campbell, Sooke