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Breedisms - It is not in how we raise them

Right now I'm blessed to be spending lots of time with three Border Collie babies. I have decided, upon this limited sample of three, that Border Collies don't learn quite the same as other dogs. They learn many things upon just ONE repetition so if you don't respond in the first moment - you now have a lifetime behaviour that you get to live with. 

I remember when I had five week old Siberians, and plonked them on the ground and watched them scatter, far and wide, with zero care in the world for me. Almost all other breeds at that age seek out humans and stick with you. Not these guys!

And I remember my pitbull Sybil who was in her second dog-fight so serious that I needed another person to help me separate them, at SEVEN WEEKS OLD. 

Or a ten week old Rottie puppy, who had already been fired from two other dog-trainers for resource guarding, which is not unusual in this breed and can be easily retrained when worked with when they are young.  

Or Sight Hound Babies, that have two speeds. Not moving, and galloping / leaping.

Or Shelties who come out of the womb barking.

Malinois Babies who explore the world with their mouths and teeth.

Herding breeds who herd and control or respond to movement and pressure at their first ability. 

Or Scent Hounds who come into this world with their noses on the ground.

I am always in awe of how different breeds can be. Their instincts and bloodlines play such a vital role in shaping who they are. We are given these babies who all look different, think different, move different, and feel different. And it is our job as handlers to try and steer them in the direction of functionality so that their lives will be long and happy, and always lived out in our homes.

Our success is in how we raise them. But genetics are an amazing thing, so please don't think they are anything alike, because they are not!

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC


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