Ten Tips for Walking Your Embarassing Naughty Dog in Public:

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10) Go Hunting for Victims. It is much funner than trying to hide in the bushes. 
9) If you are fed up of people's comments, wear headphones and rock to your favourite music. 
 The ruder the person who judges you, the bigger you must smile.
7) If you still believe that they will call their dog back, and that their dog will actually come, please share your brand of medication with us. 
6) If they decide to donate their dog for your training (see no. seven) smile sweetly and utililize the moment. Make sure you have proper equipment on your dog so that the experience is as positive for their dog as it is yours. 
5) If you don't want to utilize their dog in your training, scatter some food on the ground for it so that it will leave you alone. 
4) If you are scared of their dog's energy, do not allow it near your dog. Do not anticipate the owner helping you. It is your job to protect your dog. 
3) Walk your line and claim your path. Your body language should look like a normal person walking their normal dog.
2) Imagine in your head exactly how you want your dog to look as you pass by the oncoming dog. As you visualize it in advance, also have plan B ready for if you dog has another plan about how the pass should go. 
1) Less is more. Go softer, not harder. Going past another dog, make sure your muscles relax. One muscle tensing can be enough to trigger an explosion. Loosen your hand, forearm, and shoulder, and walk through with determination. And breathe. 

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC

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