Gratitude: How Lucky Are We?

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Gratitude: How Lucky Are We?

Next time you go walking, and your dog rehearses looking like a deranged beast when he sees another dog; or when you train and your retrieves suck; or your dog completely screws up his weave poles; or steals your sandwich off your kitchen counter; or whatever; rather than feeling deflated and beaten down find perspective. No one died. No one will lose their home, nor their job. We are still healthy as we were before the sin was committed. Through finding perspective, you can find gratitude and realize just how fortunate we are. 

We live in a culture where we are able to focus huge quantities of resources upon our dogs. They get our love, time, money, and energy. We educate ourselves, and we even fill our social needs via our dogs. Do you realize how lucky we are to be able to do this? 

Some days our biggest life problems are worrying about why our dog did something wrong .... how fortunate are we? We are not worrying about a next meal, war, poverty, homelessness... the list goes on. Our biggest glitch in our day was the error that our dog made. Perspective is sometimes muchly needed as we choose to feel sorry for ourselves. 

Try and find gratitude for the problems that we are able to fill our lives with. No one dies, starves, goes bankrupt or loses their jobs when our dogs misbehave. 

We are fortunate that we can fill our mind with such trivial problems. Life really is good.

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC,

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