Denial or Blame Won't Help With Retraining

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Denial Won't Help Change This Picture:

Changing Something In Our Dogs:

Nothing with your dog will change until you start making your own changes. We owners are really really good at self-deception (lying to ourselves so that we do not have to face the truth about what we have created). We are also masters at playing The Victim, and finding others to fault with our dog's flaws. Our Dog's errors are often the fault of our groomer, breeder, Vet, Dog-Trainer, rude dog at the park, but never, ever us...

However, to transform your dog, first you must develop some awareness. Once you stop blaming others, or making excuses for why it happened, you will take back the power to make dramatic changes both in yourself, and your dog. 

Wake up and see who your dog is. Drop the excuses and reasons, accept them for who they are today, and then train so that you can help them be the best that they can be.

Once you believe this, you will be in a beautiful position to train with new eyes, that will deliver all-new results. 

First first we must open our eyes, and allow ourselves to honestly see...

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC

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