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Come - the most valuable word we can train our dogs

Coming Back When Called

Coming back when called is probably the most important thing for a pet dog. And, probably one of the hardest things to teach.

Right now in my advanced puppy class, we are working on calling the dogs, off leash, out of a puppy play group, and we actually have it on most of the puppies. We have a classroom of puppies who would rather spend time with their owners than with the other dogs. But how on earth are the owners going to maintain this?

On walks, when your dogs are off leash, be spontaneous, and do things that they might now expect. Run away and hide behind a tree. Take off and lie down in long grass. Sneak behind a barrier. Take off running away from them when they are not paying attention. Have a game when they get back to you. Make yourself more exciting, which will in turn make it entertaining for your dog to keep an eye on you.

The hardest part about teaching a dog to come back it teaching the owners that it is the dog’s responsibility, and not their own. Your dog should be checking in with you, rather than you continually trying to make them check in. What I mean by this is as my dogs are running, every ten seconds or so, they look over their heads to see where I am. Your dog should be doing that to you also.

The other part about dogs coming back when called is their ultimate reward is leaving again. Don’t make them come back, and stay with you to be petted and hugged. In this moment, in the real world, they do not want it. They want their freedom. There might be one or two dogs who are an exception, but for the most part, they want to go. so let them. The sooner they come back, the sooner they can go.

Monique Anstee 
Victoria, BC

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