Attention Training Your Dog is a Two Way Street

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Attention Training Your Dog

Attentive Students: It works both ways

When working with our dogs we expect them to pay attention. You cannot communicate with someone who is not listening to you, so attention between team members is a fundamental starting point.

My ultimate pet peeve is when the dog is staring adoringly at his human, who just walks away, or starts in a conversation with another person without ever telling their dog. Their poor dogs continue to stare adoringly, not wanting to be rude and break the attention. 

If you expect your dog to be attentive, you must lead by example. Walking away on them is incredibly rude, or forgetting they exist while you are in a conversation with someone else is not allowed. 

Lead by example, and demonstrate what active attention looks like. Through example, show your dog how to keep his attention under distractions, by keeping your attention on him when other people chat to you.

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC

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