Are You As Reactive As Your Dog?

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Are You As Reactive As Your Dog?

Have you struggled with your dog being reactive? 

Forget your dog for a moment. Think of yourself and your dog walking down a path, and a sedate, grey-muzzled and fat, lumbering labrador is heading your way, slowly. What do you do? 

This dog poses no threat. Your own might, but you should really by all means be able to handle him, seeing as you are in public. 

How will you respond to this labrador's owner regarding their dog being off leash? 

I'm guessing most people panicked and wanted to start having demands towards the owner. Your barking commands to the owner probably aren't very different to what your dog would have to say. Have you become as reactive as your dog? If yes, you probably need to let that go now, if you want your dog to change.

In order for our dog to learn to be calm, thoughtful and non-reactive, first he must have a coach who is able to demonstrate what that looks like.

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC

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