Private Lessons with Monique Anstee

Private lessons, dog training, dog obedience, Victoria, BC

Sold in sets of four, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a short time. Privates are sugggested for people with complex schedules or those struggling with unique canine behaviours.

For dogs with people aggression/fear we have a specific training plan for this difficult issue.  

We teach Group Classes during the night-time so no privates take place after 6 PM.  Most take place on Monday and Tuesday during the morning.

If you only want one private, it is a Behaviour Assessment.  No teaching can take place in one private - but an assessment of your dog can be given with advise and a direction for you to follow.  A Behaviour Assessment costs $200 and is only useful if you are debating continuing living with your dog.

Four days notice is required to cancel a scheduled private lesson or you will be billed in full.

Upcoming Classes

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