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Dealing With Unsolicited Advise – when training your dog

The world is filled with people with good intentions who want to give you advise on what you are doing wrong.  And most of these well-intentioned people also have perfectly behaved dogs that more often than not were born perfectly behaved.  In their eyes dog training is a simple black and white world, and they look on the rest of us with bemusement, in awe of how clueless we all are!

Dog Parks Are Like Shopping at Walmart — socializing your dog the right way

We are blessed to live in Victoria, which is such a dog-friendly community.  We have numerous dog-parks where we are able to enjoy our dog’s off-leash. However, I’m starting to see a myth about Dog Parks and I need to debunk it!

Dogs are known as Man’s best Friend.  And truly they are.  However, many of the dogs that I work with now a days would rather go play with other dogs than be with their owners.  They ditch their owners in a heart -beat to interact with a complete canine-stranger.  Their owners are not their best friend’s.  Complete dog-strangers at the dog park are.

Relationships Defined – dog training is much more than cookies

My job as a trainer is ultimate fixing relationships between dogs and their people. It doesn’t matter how bad the dog is – if the relationship is great, retraining is easy. If the relationship is not, retraining will slowly improve until the relationship is harmonious, then training will leap ahead.

Relationships between a human and a dog can be broken down into three key pieces: beliefs, leadership and intent.

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